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The engine

It’s all coming down to the engine. It’s a pretty important piece of equipment.

Heat exchanger was leaking

All the gauges and alarms were disconnected and there was evidence of overheating during the sea trial. This is not good. You can see from the picture what is the likely source of the overheating, the heat exchanger. Something was leaking and has been for quite a while. Why the gauges and alarms were disconnected is anybody’s guess but none of the reasons we’re coming up with are very nice. I tend to go with Hanlon’s Razor in these situations although the online forums where I’m getting some valuable feedback are less forgiving.

So I’ve done the research, talked to the experts and those that just think they’re the experts. Here’s the plan:

  1. The seller is going to have all the gauges and alarms reconnected.
  2. The seller is going to do whatever has to be done to fix the overheating.
  3. We’re going to hire a highly recommended Yanmar certified technician to do a engine survey.

Once the heat exchanger is fixed, this engine really could be 100%. It starts instantly and purrs when it runs. Responsive as can be, just runnin’ a little bit hot tonight, I can barely see the road from the heat comin’ off, You know what I’m sayin’

The survey may turn up more problems though – in fact, I suspect it will but hope they are so minor that it’s not an issue. Based on the feedback from the engine survey, we’ll have to make the call on this boat.

The biggest problem now is it’s gonna take some time. The seller has a mechanic they want to use that is booked solid for at least 2 weeks. So we’re pushing the date out now, probably into October. It makes trying to time the house sale “exciting”.


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