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He Sails

Has it been that long?

Did I really go almost 2 months without an update? Really? Jeez, what a slacker…

The problem is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change; I’ve been kind of paralyzed. I spent most of the last 2 months scared the house wouldn’t sell and equally scared it would (hey, I didn’t say it was rational fear). I think somehow I thought if I didn’t blog about it I could keep it a little more at arm’s length. But, the future is happening.

The house sold, we close on Feb 22, 2012. We didn’t get a great price but I think we got a fair price that is in line with the market value of the area; can’t really ask for much more. I get to miss the spring cleanup! I tell the boys I’m trading in all the crap it takes to keep this big house looking and running right for a whole new set of crap to keep a boat looking and running right. Good times ahead.

We have the estate sale on Feb 15th. If you ever looked at any of our junk and thought, “Damn, that would look good at my house” then now is your chance. Almost everything goes. We’re getting one of the PODS for an old dining set Amy refuses to part with (it’s cool, I don’t blame her) so we’ll keep a few things but I’m really getting into the idea of getting rid of it all.

We have been doing a little work on the boat and I’ll soon start detailing that along with some pictures. Gotta keep a record as complete as possible so the forensics can reconstruct what happened …


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