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Where are you?

Right now, that question is more like, “Where is the boat?” We get that a lot and I suspect we’ll soon get the “Where are you?” question a lot. To help with that, I’ll try to update our twitter feed with the latitude and longitude or, even better, a link to it on google maps. […]

I’m gonna miss that house and all my stuff

I know that house is not the one I should be living in. It’s just too big for 2 people and a little dog. It costs so much to insure, light, heat, clean and maintain that for just the two of us it’s not worth it. Run the numbers, take the emotion out of it, […]

Buying a prop

The boat has a prop but I don’t really like it. It’s a folding prop since the previous owner wanted to race the boat and reduce drag. The downside of this is backing up – can hardly do it since the prop essentially stays folded while backing up. That’s why the boat is not backed […]