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He Sails

I’m gonna miss that house and all my stuff

I know that house is not the one I should be living in. It’s just too big for 2 people and a little dog. It costs so much to insure, light, heat, clean and maintain that for just the two of us it’s not worth it. Run the numbers, take the emotion out of it, and you know we gotta get out of that house. Taking the emotion out is hard though. We have so many wonderful memories there, so many good times, the house is soaked in laughter right down to its bones.

In the end though, this house did what we needed it to do and it gave us what we needed to get where we are today and move on to the next chapter of our lives. It’s a good house and I’m gonna miss it. I’m sure I’ll be pulling it up on Google Maps from time to time and doing a little street view.

And the stuff, oh my God, the stuff. How did that happen? I think we were about 5 years from our own episode on “Hoarders”. It didn’t seem like we had that much but when you empty the storage unit, pull it all out of the attic and pile it all up in one place for the estate sales guys to sift, you realize you’ve had a problem. It’s embarrassing how much stuff we had, almost humiliating.

Most of it, good riddance. 95% of it was worthless and should have been tossed years ago. Amy and I agreed we should have done a estate sale several years ago and still stayed in the house. We would’ve had much better crap now if we had.


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