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A couple of good deals – we’re gonna need them

This weekend saw 2 very good deals for us.  First up, dock lines. The boat, of course, had some dock lines on it or it would have floated away long ago.  These things were not in great shape; the starboard bow line was three strand nylon dock line that had chafed and worn about half […]

Now the arch slow down

We’re adding a arch/dinghy davit/radar mount system to the boat.  It will look a little something like the one pictured above.  No solar panels on it for us, those will go on the hard bimini someday, and we’re also getting the aft life rails integrated rather than sitting right next to it as pictured .  We are […]

Another weekend down

Finally got the right gasket for the Bomar hatches.  You’d think it would not be that hard but it’s been a fiasco.  The hatches were in new in 1987, who knows when they went out of production.  I spent a relatively nice winter day last December trading pictures and call with Bomar to identify the […]

The work has begun

They’re redoing the decks now.  The foredeck is being done first.  They decided to do that from the bottom so that the top remains a perfect match to the rest of the boat – it’ll look like nothing ever happened.  How the guy is going to redo the fiberglass from the bottom against the pull […]