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The work has begun

They’re redoing the decks now.  The foredeck is being done first.  They decided to do that from the bottom so that the top remains a perfect match to the rest of the boat – it’ll look like nothing ever happened.  How the guy is going to redo the fiberglass from the bottom against the pull of gravity is a nifty trick I’m not sure how he’ll pull off.  Must be some kind of trade secret about how to do it.

The thing is, everything has to come out of the V berth so he can work in there.  The boat is a mess.  Mattresses, pillows, rope, rigging, jib and a bunch of other stuff stored up front now sits in the salon and it makes us crazy to be surrounded by all the clutter.  So we’ll just be waiting to get that done before we spend too much time on the boat.  And, after see the V berth mattresses up close and in the light, those gotta go.  They don’t look like something I’d want to ever sleep on.

After that, the cockpit sole will get done.  That’s going to be done from the top so it won’t quite match the rest of the decks after it’s done.  I could care less – I bet it’s going to be close enough anyway.  Then,anchor windlass, chainplates and finally the aft locker clean out.

Once we’re there, we start on a couple of other tasks.  The arch/dinghy davit/radar mount is getting built and will be mounted on the back of the boat.  That will be the biggest visible change we’ve done so far.

We’ll have the propane locker done in the newly cleaned aft locker so Amy can cook my dinner.  The trade off is we get to keep more deck space but we have to use smaller propane tanks – probably 10 pounders.  So I guess we’ll get 3 or 4 of those and just rotate them regularly.  A bit of a hassle but being able to walk around the decks seems a little more important.

Corian counter tops are going in too.  The galley and both heads will get the update along with new stainless steel sinks and new faucets.  We got lucky on the corian and will get that for free since the contractor we’re using had a bunch from a previous job where a change order left it sitting on his yard unused.  Lucky for us, Amy liked it so in it goes.

And electronics.  I just got the estimate for that this weekend.  I don’t want to talk about that, it makes my bank account cry.

This is all taking so much longer than I expected.  The guys that are good at this stuff are busy and things have to happen in the proper order so nobody causes unnecessary problems for others.  Everything kind of goes in fits and starts.  In the end, it will be worth it …. I think.

After all this, we’re going to take some advice of one of our contractors and try the boat on for a while and see what we like and what we don’t and what we really want after some experience living aboard.  That sounds like good advice.  It’ll also let my bank account recover which always makes be feel better.


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