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Another weekend down

Finally got the right gasket for the Bomar hatches.  You’d think it would not be that hard but it’s been a fiasco.  The hatches were in new in 1987, who knows when they went out of production.  I spent a relatively nice winter day last December trading pictures and call with Bomar to identify the correct gasket material.  I tried to order it through West Marine and as far as I know they are still on order.  Coincidentally, I got a voice mail from West Marine today about it… don’t think I’ll be returning that call.

I ordered some gasket from a West Coast supplier but turned out that Bomar gave me the wrong part number so it didn’t work.  You order by the foot and can’t return it which at nearly $7 a foot is a major bummer to get the wrong stuff.  I only got 8 feet so it’s not going to break the bank but still.

So I finally found the stuff from Defender (www.defender.com).  I got 8 feet and put it in the hatch.  I did my test with a hose spraying directly on it and *ta da* water flowed right through it without much effort.  Damn.  A few quick turns on the screws for the dogs though and that baby is more watertight than a frog’s asshole.

Now, karma steps in!  I’m taking a quick turn through West Marine to see if I can give them some more money – which I always can – and damned if there isn’t some of the exact gasket that works on the restock shelf.  Someone ordered the wrong stuff for them, the right stuff for me, and somehow talked West Marine into taking it back.  I picked up 20 feet of it at nearly 50% discount!  Next weekend, every hatch left gets the treatment.

Also accomplished, the courtesy lights.  These are little lights (3 of them – galley, cockpit ladder and main stateroom) around the floor to light up at night so you can see without tripping.  The original ones were old halogen bulb based ones that worked only when held properly.  Now we got all new nifty LED’s.  Cool, blue-white light abounds.  These babies are $7 each, great upgrade for the bucks.


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