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Now the arch slow down

Arch In Action

A arch/dinghy davit system in action.

We’re adding a arch/dinghy davit/radar mount system to the boat.  It will look a little something like the one pictured above.  No solar panels on it for us, those will go on the hard bimini someday, and we’re also getting the aft life rails integrated rather than sitting right next to it as pictured .  We are getting seats in the corner too – Amy wants what Amy wants and it’s always been my singular mission in life to assure her every want fulfilled.  It’s just the way I roll.

The guy doing it is considered a “artist”.  No kidding, that’s the term very good contractors in the area use to describe him.  He was moving along at a great pace, should have been done at the end of the week.  I got the call yesterday that there would be a delay.

After we walked through the progress and did a test fit last weekend, the guy doing the arch decided he should probably use a bigger size pipe for the arch so it would be a little stronger and more rigid.  I can dig it.  The next size up is not in stock though and and has to be ordered so we get a little delay and maybe get it mounted sometime before the end of the month instead.

We must abide.

We must abide.

I’m very cool with this delay.  The stronger and better this thing is the better it will be for us long term.  I’m just glad we did the walk-through and made this change before the davit failed as we sailed the North Atlantic in January.  I kid, we’re not going to the North Atlantic.  Not in January, not ever. Too cold.


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