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A couple of good deals – we’re gonna need them

This weekend saw 2 very good deals for us.  First up, dock lines.

The boat, of course, had some dock lines on it or it would have floated away long ago.  These things were not in great shape; the starboard bow line was three strand nylon dock line that had chafed and worn about half way through.  The rest had been exposed to the sun over the last 3 years or more and had lengths of it that had been partially submerged long enough to be something you weren’t too keen on holding – some even had a rather thick layer of growth on it.  It looked terrible, was potentially unsafe and had to go.

We were going to put the new dock lines off until we moved to our home port in a month or two (or three, this is taking forever it seems) but serendipity strikes.  The previous owner left a unbelievable amount of rope in the front berth  and as I was sorting it out, I found there was some brand new, pre-spliced, double braid dock lines.

New bow line, all pretty.

New bow line, all pretty.

So now we got new spring lines and new bow lines.  We replaced them and Amy made them up pretty so it would look like we take a little pride in our boat.  Look at that, nice clean tie off with the cleat hitch and flaked down (in a flemish flake for those that are into the names of things).  Some people think the flemish flake is bad for the line – those people are called “lazy”.  I suppose the case can be made for the line collecting some dirt and taking longer to dry but it looks better and you can walk right over it without rolling your ankle.  I like it and I’m the captain so it’s gonna be this way until someone convinces me something else is better – and leaving it in a pile next to the cleat is not it.

Next thing we wanted but were putting off is a cockpit table.  This is one of those super nice things to have when you’re trying to have dinner and drinks in the cockpit (i.e. every day).  We have a Edson pedestal and a brand new one of these babies from their website runs a little over $1200 for a teak one.  Ouch.  We got a few other things to buy right now.

Cockpit table

Cockpit table

However, we decided to take a stroll through the Boater’s Resale Shop and damned if we didn’t run across one there.  Look at that thing, teak and all, it’s a beauty.  List price $189.99.  But wait, there’s more.  Check out the price tag, notice that little red dot?  That means another 40% off at the register!  We got that table for the bargain basement price of $114.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit


I know, right?  What are the odds?  We ran back to the boat, did a little research and then snapped that thing up.  The big concern for me was if it would fit on our pedestal;  Check out that picture, fits like it was custom made for it.  It could almost have been the original table with the boat.  We have to get some mounting hardware so it won’t free fall unexpectedly when our wine is sitting on it, only a $170 or so.  We’re way ahead here.

It’s good that we’re ahead because another thing we were putting off is new ports.  The original ones are plastic and they’re done.  UV degradation has done its work and the current ones look terrible, not to mention they fall apart if you do anything with them.  Literally.  I opened one up this weekend and the plastic hinge popped into 4 pieces.  They also slant back into the boat so that they collect water (and thus grow things).  We knew going into this we’d replace them.  The plan was to replace them this summer but after the torrential downpour in Houston this weekend we realized they have as much in common with a colander as they do a window.  It got pretty misty and drippy in there.

Getting the right size

I’m gonna call that two and half inches.

You can see what we’re getting next here.  Shiny new stainless steel, it’ll last longer than I will (it’s the mileage, not the years). Aren’t those things gorgeous? Driftwood will absolutely glow with 6 of these babies running down each side.  Just thinking of it makes my eyes burn with reflected glare.  I can hardly wait.  It’s a good thing we saved all that money on dock lines and cockpit tables because we’re gonna spend a whole lot more on these windows.  With the measurement, we’ll be getting those ordered next week.  That’s good because my credit card balance was getting a little low and what kind of boat owner would I be if I kept it that way?


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