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Those lifelines!

Still working on those.  Still.  Here’s the deal, they bolt through the deck and have backing bolts and washers underneath the deck so they have sufficient strength to hold you onto the boat (although you’d be a little crazy to depend on these in seas much past a foot, you’ll flip right over them). You […]

Trying to waterproof the lifelines

Last weekend we decided to try to rebed the lifeline stanchions.  They have clearly not been rebedded since the day the boat rolled off the production line in 1987.  Consequently, they leak a little and need to be pulled up and reseated.  You can do this with quite a few things: silicon, marine sealants, etc […]

Pirates! Pirates?

The #1 question I am asked when I first tell people we’re selling up and sailing away, “Aren’t you afraid of pirates?”  Well, no, not really. When they ask that question, they’re thinking of the modern 3rd world pirates breathlessly reported by the media from time to time.  While there are a few cases here […]