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Pirates! Pirates?

The #1 question I am asked when I first tell people we’re selling up and sailing away, “Aren’t you afraid of pirates?”  Well, no, not really.

Modern 3rd world Pirate

Modern 3rd world pirate

When they ask that question, they’re thinking of the modern 3rd world pirates breathlessly reported by the media from time to time.  While there are a few cases here and there of pirates approaching small sail boats and taking the crew hostage, this does not happen all that often.  There’s just not a lot of money in it.  We’re mostly grotty yachties, we ain’t got $20 bucks.  If we were on some kind of mega yacht or a large shipping concern, we might have enough money to make it a concern.  So, I guess there is a upside to being a poor boatnik.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be alert.  There are ways to minimize the risk of being pirated.  There are also ways to keep up with the pirate attacks that go on in the world. Piracy Watch keeps tabs on these things as does the International Chamber of Commerce.  If you take a look at those, you’ll see that the vast majority of piracy tends to happen around the coast of Africa and South East Asia.  Not areas we intend to be in any time soon – if ever.

Modern 1st world pirate

Modern 1st world pirate

We’re more likely to be attacked by the internet pirates ruling the intertubes with their iron keyboards.  As we create content here (video, pictures, etc) it’s these guys that are the pirates we’re most likely to run up against.  Since the content here has value only to us and a few people who know us, it’s unlikely we’ll get pirated here.  If we do, well, the jokes on them because there’s not a lot of monetary value in these pages – and I stole most of the media already too so maybe there’s a bit of the pirate in me as well.

Shiver me timbers

Shiver me timbers


The fact is, we are in far more danger of being robbed or physically attacked just going through our lives on land.  I worry more about being the target of a terrorist attack while traveling on business within the United States than I worry about piracy at sea. … and I don’t worry about terrorist attacks much despite recent events.  I just can’t get into that mind set and let  fear dictate my choices.  We’ll embrace the unknown, face the fear and live all the better because of it.  And if thing’s get out of hand, we got that covered with our Master at Arms on board.  She’s a vicious one, not a ounce of mercy in her.




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