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LIfelines for the last time

Finally.  after 6 weeks of weekend trial and error (about $200 of error) here’s the solution – figured somebody might be facing something similar and may benefit from my solution. Throughout all of this, I had the “solution” of cutting out the headliner which would have been acceptable with a teak blank to cover the […]

Reseating the hatch glass

We got 2 hatches reglazed and sealed.  You may be thinking, only 2?  Yeah, well it rained all weekend and I got enough sense to come in out of the rain.  I am not a animal. So let’s walk through and see how this is done so when forensic investigators try to figure out what […]

Enough of that whining

OK, the last few posts seem to be me mostly whining.  Let’s focus a little on what’s going right. So we actually have a lot accomplished.  Staying on the boat is wonderful, nothing like sleeping under the open hatch with sea air blowing on you and hearing the sounds of marina living (my liver may […]