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Reseating the hatch glass

We got 2 hatches reglazed and sealed.  You may be thinking, only 2?  Yeah, well it rained all weekend and I got enough sense to come in out of the rain.  I am not a animal.

Dig it out and start scraping

Dig it out and start scraping

So let’s walk through and see how this is done so when forensic investigators try to figure out what happened they’ll have an easier time of it.  Using a caulk tool, we dig out around the acrylic “glass” between it and the frame then work a putty knife between the frame and the underside so you cut it all loose.  What you get is a pretty big mess (and a view of some nice toes).  You gotta dig all this rubberized sealant out.  It’s been in there, I think, since 1987 and the UV has done its work.  Some of it is pretty cracked and not too hard, some of it is still in pretty resonable shape though and is a little tougher to get out of there.  I don’t care how good it is because I’m going to replace it all.  I don’t ever want to have to think about this again much less do it and while I got all the stuff to do it we’re gonna knock it out.




Shinier than a baby's butt

Shinier than a baby’s butt

So here’s the deal, it all has to get out of there.  Can’t leave even a trace.  This sealant stuff does not adhere to itself once it cures, or so I’ve been told.  If you leave any, the new stuff will flow around it and potentially leave hairline gaps where water can enter.  This is some fine scraping.  A little acetone goes a long way in softening it up after you get the bulk of it out.  You can almost wipe it away with acetone and a lot of elbow grease.  I stayed with the scraper though.  Look at that now, not a hint of the old sealant.  It’s almost like new.  I wish it had tasted like bacon and Roxy’s saliva was like acetone but I guess I can’t have everything.



Roxy inspects the tape job.  Quality control is important.

Roxy inspects the tape job. Quality control is important.

Now the taping begins.  It’s a hassle but Amy does the taping so I don’t care .  OK, no, that’s not true.  I do care.  Amy is the crafty one, she’s good at this.  We taped all around the outer edge of the frame and the outside of the window.  The sealant stuff is thick and sticky, it gets everywhere if you’re not careful and is hard to clean up so that tape is important.






IMG_0702You have to put a ton of this stuff down to get it to seal without gaps and flow up out of the seam so you get a nice clean bead all the way around.  It does not compress as easily as you’d think so it takes a lot.  After about 30-60 minutes, you can pull the tape up and see a nice clean line.  Don’t wait to this until it fully cures because I think at that point you’re going to have that tape permanently sealed under the glass.




IMG_0699A little acetone rubdown and some scraping to get off the excess and viola, a sealed hatch.  We used some of the same stuff as used on headlights to clear off some of the oxidation.  There’s so much I didn’t get it perfect but you can totally see out of them now and they don’t leak.  Pretty cool.

We’ve gotten all except the 2 over the heads and the V-berth done.  The V-berth will get done next weekend, weather permitting.






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