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Internet Connectivity on a Boat

hi_tech_desktop_rainmeter_for_all_windows_by_takeshikawa-d5fje0tPeople are always asking me how I intend to maintain internet connectivity as we do the technomad thing.  There’s a lot of ways to do it, here’s my solution.

For straight up wifi connections, we got a Wirie AP.  1000 mW of throbbing wifi power.  It connects to access points all over the place.  Right now, we are connecting to a local area wifi network for a whopping $35/month.  This is good enough to stream Netflix without hardly a hitch – after a season of “House of Cards” and a half dozen movies, I think it had 2 or 3 buffering slowdowns but that’s it.  We even run our Slingbox over it and watch the college football games via my iPad connected to the TV on board.  Not near as smooth as Netflix but it’s pretty awesome and with the upgrades the wifi provider put in recently it’s a watchable experience.

Of course, we have cell phones.  With my corporate plan, I have unlimited data and can put my phone into hotspot mode.  When you connect to a 4G network, it’s pretty good.  I do this quite a bit while traveling and it’s actually good enough that I hosted a online meeting, complete with screen sharing, and still was able to host the conference call.  All from my cell phone.  Amazing.  You can see from the coverage map, there’s not a lot of coastal area left in the USA that I can’t do this.

To put it in perspective, these two options give me data speeds that only 5 years ago I could not even get in my home office.  I worked with those, I can work even better with this.  I worked from the boat a bit already and it’s well within the range of workable.



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