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We are pretty much ready to go

Work has been ongoing.  Football season slowed us down since we halt all work when the Longhorns or A&M are playing or if there is a particularly good game that weekend.  As it stands right now, the boat can cross oceans, take us anywhere we want to go.  We’ll be sailing this Thanksgiving around the bay.  But there is soooo much left to do that falls in the comfort and mental health zones as well as needed updates.  Below is our current to-do list for your reading pleasure.  Some items were marked out just last weekend.

Some of these are simply nice to have things –  a spice organizer, exterior stereo speakers, etc.  Others are necessary but not emergency needs and can be done over time – new anchor, forward holding tank, binnacle rebuild, etc.  None of these are show stoppers at this point except maybe the water heater, I need that.  And the matches and the remote control and the paddle ball game.  I need those.


The Miraculous, Ever Expanding, Boat To – Do List


  • Install Fan
  • Put Granite Sheet on
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Varnish Hatch Trim
  • Install new Air Conditioner
  • Install holding Tank
  • Sleep System

Forward Head

  • Install Toilet Paper holder
  • Line shelves with Contact paper
  • Seal around sink
  • Caulk around tile
  • Fix holes around floor
  • Install Shower curtain
  • New hose


  • New lampshade lights
  • New led lights over settees
  • Trim molding
  • Trim for Mast
  • Clean and repaint mast trim piece
  • Put Granite on shelves
  • Add cabinet doors
  • Hide electric cords to TV
  • Install Fusion Radio
  • New Cockpit doors
  • New settee cushions


  • Fix the stove gimbal
  • Varnish the wood
  • Seal around the sink
  • Add a cover for the bins under stairs
  • Add shelf
  • Find Leak
  • Spice organizers shelves

Engine Room

  • Clean Engine
  • Bucket for Generator Spot for Storage
  • Paint
  • Remove old fridge compressor
  • Install new water heater
  • Fix Light

Workbench Area

  • Clean out and organize under bench
  • Install Pantry shelves

Aft Cabin

  • Paint
  • Install Cabinet doors
  • Paint inside the laundry locker
  • Find and seal leaks
  • Cover holes from Arch
  • Sleep system

Aft Head

  • Change out Sink
  • Seal Sink
  • Caulk around Tile
  • Paint Tub
  • Varnish Trim around tub
  • Hang Shower Curtain
  • Hang Soap and Shampoo holders


  • Clean out the storage bins
  • Hang new Wench and Sheet holders
  • Remove old snaps and fill
  • Remove old electronics
  • Clean and rebuild wenches
  • Rebuild binnacle

Boat Exterior

  • Strip and varnish Toe Rails
  • Strip and varnish hand rails
  • Hang Propane tank Holder
  • Install Grill
  • Anchor and chain
  • Replace all sheets
  • New Navigation lights
  • New life ring
  • Install speakers
  • New cushions for the perch seats
  • Install coolers
  • Swim Platform
  • Change name
  • Buff entire boat
  • Install windows
  • Sail cover
  • Spreader lights
  • Mast boots
  • Spreader covers
  • Solar panels


  • New Flares





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