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Finally went out for a little sail

Marina Queen no more!  This Thanksgiving weekend, Amy, the boys and I finally went out for a little sail (took Hoover, our resident expert along too for some … well, expertise).  It was amusing how many people cheered, photographed and filmed this event.

The sail could not have been better.  Clear, sunny and cool with minimal waves.   Even Roxy was enjoying the ride – at least her tail was wagging every time I saw her.  We only broke one thing, the block for the in-haul line of the furling boom but we broke that at the dock before we ever untied so that was a easy temporary fix that only delayed us about 2 minutes.

The boat sails a well as we remember.  Smooth, easy motion.  With only about 10 knots of wind, we still were able to coax about 4.5 knot of speed out of her.  I think that’s pretty damned impressive.

The hardest part was docking but I managed it like a boss, check out the video:  


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