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Give …me…boat insurance

We are required by the marina to have a certain level of boat insurance and most in the US require it – if not all.  I like insurance, think it’s a good idea to have at least enough to cover a total loss of the boat and any damage I might have done to somebody […]

Finally went out for a little sail

Marina Queen no more!  This Thanksgiving weekend, Amy, the boys and I finally went out for a little sail (took Hoover, our resident expert along too for some … well, expertise).  It was amusing how many people cheered, photographed and filmed this event. The sail could not have been better.  Clear, sunny and cool with […]

We are pretty much ready to go

Work has been ongoing.  Football season slowed us down since we halt all work when the Longhorns or A&M are playing or if there is a particularly good game that weekend.  As it stands right now, the boat can cross oceans, take us anywhere we want to go.  We’ll be sailing this Thanksgiving around the […]

Why does it take so long?

How does it happen that all these refit projects take so long?  I can tell you, just like in large software projects:  one day at a time. Question: How does a large software project get to be one year late? Answer: One day at a time! Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month Let’s walk through a example. […]