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Watching a little TV

Amy and I have always been TV watchers to some extent and back in the day, when we were too poor to afford any other kind of entertainment, TV was something we enjoyed.  We wanted to take that entertainment with us.  I know, there are are some “purists” out there that disdain the idea of […]

Finally went out for a little sail

Marina Queen no more!  This Thanksgiving weekend, Amy, the boys and I finally went out for a little sail (took Hoover, our resident expert along too for some … well, expertise).  It was amusing how many people cheered, photographed and filmed this event. The sail could not have been better.  Clear, sunny and cool with […]

Internet Connectivity on a Boat

People are always asking me how I intend to maintain internet connectivity as we do the technomad thing.  There’s a lot of ways to do it, here’s my solution. For straight up wifi connections, we got a Wirie AP.  1000 mW of throbbing wifi power.  It connects to access points all over the place.  Right […]

Enough of that whining

OK, the last few posts seem to be me mostly whining.  Let’s focus a little on what’s going right. So we actually have a lot accomplished.  Staying on the boat is wonderful, nothing like sleeping under the open hatch with sea air blowing on you and hearing the sounds of marina living (my liver may […]