About Us
Gary Wood - Skipper

Gary Wood – Skipper


I’m Gary Wood.  I was in the Navy for a while and saw all the great boats sailing around during a deployment to Guantanamo Bay.  I always wanted to charter one of those boats and do a little sailing.  We finally did and it was just as good as we thought it would be.  One thing led to another and here we are.






Amy Wood - Admiral

Amy Wood – Admiral

I’m Amy Wood.  Gary and I have been married 25 years this coming January.  I’m also the proud mother of two College boys…Men.   I have always been fascinated with the ocean since watching Jacques Cousteau as a child.  Gary and I chartered a captained boat with some good friends for our 20th wedding anniversary to the BVI.   After that trip, Gary and I began talking and dreaming about doing that trip on our own.  So, two years later that is what we did.

In May 2012, we took a trip to San Francisco.  As we walked along Fisherman’s Wharf, and looked out at all the beautiful sailboats, I was ready to take the leap.  The thought of being able to move around to all of these places and experience them for as long as we wanted just really sunk in.  So here we are.  We got a boat; we sold our house and almost everything we own.  Our boys are set in school  and our parents are happy that we are taking this time while we can to live our dream.



Roxy - First Mate and Master at Arms

Roxy – First Mate and Master at Arms


This is Roxy Shazam.  She’s a boat dog but just doesn’t know it yet.  She has been placed in charge of security and will be responsible for repelling all boarders.  She’s a  Tiny Tot Rat Terrier, not a Chihuahua.  She’s sensitive about that so be careful.