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Finally went out for a little sail

Marina Queen no more!  This Thanksgiving weekend, Amy, the boys and I finally went out for a little sail (took Hoover, our resident expert along too for some … well, expertise).  It was amusing how many people cheered, photographed and filmed this event. The sail could not have been better.  Clear, sunny and cool with […]

LIfelines for the last time

Finally.  after 6 weeks of weekend trial and error (about $200 of error) here’s the solution – figured somebody might be facing something similar and may benefit from my solution. Throughout all of this, I had the “solution” of cutting out the headliner which would have been acceptable with a teak blank to cover the […]

Well, we bought it

Signed all the paperwork around lunch time today.  The acceptance has been submitted, all loan and title transfer/Coast Guard registration notarized and submitted.  It looks like we own a boat … but there’s still a wrinkle or two to iron out so let’s call it 99 percent done but if you know anything about those 1 percenters is they can make […]

Engine survey is done

We finally got the final report for the engine survey.  There are some issues, as expected, but nothing to derail this deal.  Some hoses need replacing, need to get some maintenance that has been deferred done and do some general cleanup and rust control.  Nothing to terrible and mostly stuff I can easily do – if it’s […]