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Engine survey is done

We finally got the final report for the engine survey.  There are some issues, as expected, but nothing to derail this deal.  Some hoses need replacing, need to get some maintenance that has been deferred done and do some general cleanup and rust control.  Nothing to terrible and mostly stuff I can easily do – if it’s […]

Engine is repaired

So the engine is finally repaired – they still have to connect the alarm for overheating but that’s it.  I’ve brought in another company to do a survey of the engine so we can have a full understanding of what state it’s in (probably pretty good), hopefully that will get done this week.  We’re going down on Saturday to […]

The engine

It’s all coming down to the engine. It’s a pretty important piece of equipment. All the gauges and alarms were disconnected and there was evidence of overheating during the sea trial. This is not good. You can see from the picture what is the likely source of the overheating, the heat exchanger. Something was leaking […]